What Minerals Do Water Softeners Typically Remove?

Most homeowners are normally very concerned about the hardness of water in their homes. Hard water can be a nuisance in the home because it requires more soap and it contributes to scaling in equipment like boilers. This is why people resort to using water softeners. Water softeners are used to remove the minerals present in hard water and replace them with soft minerals. Minerals Present In Hard Water Hard water is defined by the amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium found in the water.

How Can You Avoid Conflict-Of-Interest Allegations Upon Appointment To A Board Position?

If you’ve recently accepted an appointment to a board of directors, you may be excited about the prospect of using your influence to lead a company, planning board, or other organization in a positive direction. However, these types of positions can often carry with them some ethical guidelines in addition to more general advice to “be honest” or “negotiate in good faith.” What should you know about financial and personal entanglements that could cause you problems going forward?